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A Synthesis of Innovation and Tradition.

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Michel Rolland, Philippe Melka, Matt Sands, Alberto Antonini, Joe Shebl, Timothy Milos.

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Genuinely exceptional wine must be rooted in extraordinary vineyards. We select our plots from some of the most exclusive vineyards in California and beyond.

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Pursuit 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet rules the roost in Napa Valley, and through countless hours of discovery and blending, we aim to create one of the best Cabernets on the market at a reasonable price. Ours is a quintessential Napa Cab in the glass. Lively aromas of black cherries, red currants, wild blackberries, plums, and baking spices bound out of the glass, while gorgeous waves of red & black fruits backed by subtle granite and graphite notes dominate the palate landscape. Marvelous texture and a smooth finish deliver the goods, reinforcing our commitment to delivering supreme quality without the hefty price tag.


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