Our Community

Renwood Winery is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Amador County, near the small town of Plymouth in the Sierra Foothills. Ours is among the oldest grape-growing regions in California, dating back to the early days of the Gold Rush, and it retains much of its rustic country charm. Because Amador has always been sparsely populated, our community is a close-knit one in which people look out for their neighbors.


Since Renwood’s inception in 1993, we have been deeply involved in the community and actively support a diverse range of worthy organizations and causes. We are intent on deepening our community involvement and invite you to check this page often to see what’s up in our little slice of paradise.

Charitable Donations

Renwood Winery appreciates the work that our non-profits and service groups are doing for our community. We wish we could pitch in and help everyone. The monies raised make such a difference in the lives and health of our most at risk.

If you would like to request that Renwood Winery donate or pour wine at your event, please fill out our donation request form.

We ask that you give us 90 days advance notice. We are not able to give to everyone that asks, but we do what we can.

Keep up the good work!

Social Communities

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