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No label better represents the new frontier of winemaking like Pursuit. A perfect glimpse into what long-standing relationships and years of know-how can do, while delivering superlative juice at a fraction of the price. We track down great fruit wherever it hides while taking particular pride in the wines we call our own through constant work and eventual discovery. The concept of Pursuit is simple: we tap into our deep connections here in Wine Country and secure incredible juice from our friends and like-minded colleagues. We start early in the process so we can guide the finished product and ensure that it meets our exacting standards.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of great wine‚Ķ the proof is in the bottle! 

Philippe Melka, Maayan Koschitzky, and Matt Sands

92 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast

Cabernet rules the roost in Napa Valley, and through countless hours of discovery and blending, we aim to create one of the best Cabernets on the market at a reasonable price. Ours is a quintessential Napa Cab in the glass. Lively aromas of black cherries, red currants, wild blackberries, plums, and baking spices bound out of the glass, while gorgeous waves of red & black fruits backed by subtle granite and graphite notes dominate the palate landscape. Marvelous texture and a smooth finish deliver the goods, reinforcing our commitment to delivering supreme quality without the hefty price tag.

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93 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast

The beauty of this wine is in the sourcing, as we can pick grapes from throughout the appellation to create the finest wine possible. It’s the ultimate vinous puzzle, and the result continues to amaze and deliver value in spades. What always sets this wine apart is the nose. Just like the name says, we strive to create an aromatic profile that is bold and bountiful, with notes of charred Earth and spice, designed to provide a backdrop for whatever fruit profile the wine takes on. Layers of tobacco, leather, and flowers always seem to find their way into the mix, all backed by a smooth sweet vanilla finish that rounds out the palate - a fabulous wine at a fabulous price. The fire continues to roar vintage after vintage, and there are no signs of it being put out any time soon.

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