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October 22, 2012 | Test Person


Renwood Winery made a name for itself at the Film Independent Forum, held Oct. 19 - 21 at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles.

The 2010 Musician’s Zinfandel and 2011 Viognier proved to be the perfect cast for the eighth annual event, which hosted more than 450 attendees over three days.

As the official wine sponsor of the forum, Renwood wines filled the glasses of film professionals and aspiring directors and producers as they toasted to new connections and bright futures. The weekend was filled with speeches, panels, networking lunches, a keynote by Director John Singleton and a screening of David O. Russell’s film, Silver Linings Playbook. But independent films weren’t the only thing being buzzed about at the forum. Renwood wines were an important part of the conversation, with the Musician’s Zinfandel achieving great renown among attendees.

Film Independent Co-President Josh Welsh said in an email, “I happened to be near the bar during one of the receptions and heard one of the forum attendees raving about the Zinfandel. To be honest, I normally have a beer at our events, but because he was going on about it, I got the (Musician’s) Zinfandel. He was right to rave!”

With notes of red and purple fruits, holiday spice and a black peppercorn finish, the Musician’s Zinfandel really shines during the fall and winter months.

The 2011 Viognier pairs really well with spicy foods. As the temperatures drop and you find yourself turning up the heat in the kitchen – and on the thermostat – keep your taste buds chilled with the Viognier’s tropical flavors of coconut and pineapple and its soft, creamy texture.

We’re very pleased with the reception Renwood wines received at the Film Independent Forum. As the weather finds you spending more and more time indoors, we hope you’ll pick Renwood wines to be the star of your next event. Whether you’re planning a holiday gathering or a “Modern Family” marathon, let Renwood wine be your best supporting beverage.

Time Posted: Oct 22, 2012 at 2:30 PM
Test Person
October 2, 2012 | Test Person

Harvest 2012 Update by Dave Crippen, Director Of Winemaking

After two fairly cool years, we have experienced more summer days over 90 degrees than in the previous 50 years. This heat and low winter rainfall have challenged our viticulture in Amador County. Dry farmed vineyards are ripening up faster than we expected, drip irrigation vineyards have been playing catch-up, and our winemaking staff is trying to stay ahead of “Grapeaggedon”. This is when every vineyard is ripe on the exact same day, and everybody wants to pick grapes. Cool vintages give a more even ripening and a slower pace. The warmer ones may ripen faster, resulting in a harvest pace that does not allow for much sleep. So far, the white grapes Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne, Marsanne, and our troika of V’s - Verdelho, Vermentino and Viognier – have crossed the scales. The only red grapes from received Amador have been Syrah, a typically early ripening varietal, and Zinfandel from some really warm sites. From a cooler, but early bud break site, we have received Mourvedre and Zinfandel from Contra Costa County. This heat has also moved Barbera ahead of its normal last place finish in the race of grapes and we may harvest some earlier than some lots of Zinfandel. So far, we are happy with the flavors, and the sugar levels are not as high, so in our minds that is a “win-win”. Stay tuned for faster paced action from Renwood!

Consulting Winemaker Jeff Cohn added, “What a difference a year makes! This time last year it was cold a touch wet, but this year the sun is out and the temperatures have been perfect allowing for the development of complexity and flavors. In the end this should prove to be an amazing vintage.”

Time Posted: Oct 2, 2012 at 10:10 AM

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